Personal Training- Brickell, Downtown Miami
I'm a Fitness Trainer that specializes in fat loss and body composition in the Brickell and Downtown Miami area.
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Personal training is about you having structure, support, accountability and motivation. It’s about integrating a healthy approach to training and to your nutrition. I don’t believe in fad diets or gimmicky workouts. I don’t believe in magic pills or the new cream that does x, y, z. I believe in training smart, in having the right tools and the right mindset. My coaching programs removes all the guess work.

I don’t ever impose my own goals on a client. I’m not biased towards any specific training system. What training system(s) will work for you are the ones that will get you results in the quickest and safest way possible. Let me give you all the information you need in a way that is simple to understand. I’m not here only to count reps, in fact sometimes I don’t. I don’t want to train you, I want to teach you. I want to challenge you both mentally and physically. If you want to learn, if you want to work hard and have fun (sometimes it’s not) at the same time then my coaching program is for you.  Contact me to schedule a consultation.

A Typical Training Session Might Look Like This:

  • 1

    The Plan

    Before the beginning of each session we will go over the goals and objectives for the workout and or week. This way you know what to expect and what we should be working on.

  • 2

    The Warm Up

    Walking on the treadmill is not a warm up. Prime your muscles, joints and nervous system with dynamic movements.

  • 3

    The Strength Portion

    No matter your goals, age or sex, building a solid foundation of strength is crucial for long term success.

  • 4

    The Conditioning Portion

    The conditioning portion of the workouts is a great way to burn off extra energy we commonly refer to as stored body fat. This part of the workout will sometimes be composed of high intensity aerobic work.

Example- Novice Fat Loss Client Workout Breakdown:

Warm Ups & Activation0

Strength Training0


Example- Intermediate Hypertrophy Client Workout Breakdown:

Warm Ups & Activation0

Strength Training0

Core Training0

Example- Intermediate Female Client Workout Breakdown:

Warm Ups & Activation0

Lower Body Focus0

Upper Body Focus0

Core Training0

Example- Advanced Male Client Workout Breakdown:

Warm Ups & Activation0

Power Training0

Strength Training0

Core Training0

Detailed Body Fat Tracking

Detailed Body Fat Tracking

The Skulpt tool is a device that measures body fat 5x more accurate than smart scales and 4x more accurate than professional calipers. Each measurement takes only seconds.

Earn Points For Your Efforts

Earn Points For Your Efforts

I have created  a special system for clients that are willing to dig deep within themselves to go above and beyond. I have set up tasks and special activities for them to complete.  The more difficult or time consuming the task or activity is, the more points they will be awarded. The points they accumulate can be used towards free sessions.

Learn New Ways To Move

Learn New Ways To Move

Do you know the #1 exercise to develop the muscles of the butt? Or how to tweak your plank to make it more challenging and thus more effective. Or how about the best warm up to improve shoulder health? One of the best parts of coaching for me is the ability to teach my clients better ways to tackle their health & fitness goals.


I combine an aggressive exercise program that covers strength, endurance, mobility, power and flexibility. A well rounded nutrition plan with positive lifestyle behaviors and you have all the elements needed for successful results. I believe fitness should be fun. If you are having fun you forget you are working out.


Yes I do.


I am not a licensed nutritionist. I can’t recommend exact caloric intake. But I can guide you in making intelligent food choices and how and when to combine these foods.


I dislike the word “diet”. Dieting feels like a chore. There are many eating plans that work. But what works for me, might not work for you and vice versa. You should familiarize yourself with what good foods you can eat that tastes good for you. Try to eat with a purpose, eat for function. For example, eating a white bagel or white rice has little to no value. Yes you might like the way it taste and it can briefly satisfy you but it serves no purpose but to spike your sugar levels high and get you fatter. You can transform your body on a low carb diet, on a low carb-high protein diet, on a paleo diet, on a vegetarian diet, on a vegan diet. All diets have their pros and cons. Experiment with different diets and plug in what works for you and see what is conducive to your lifestyle. One reason why programs fail is that people are not aware of all they eat throughout the day, which quickly adds up.


Yes, I offer specialized classes centered around kettlebell training and the basics of Animal Flow. These sessions are typically only 30 minutes long.


Yes, I travel to you as long as you live in the Brickell and Downtown Miami Area. Almost all my clients live in apartments or condos with access to a gym. If you don’t have access to a gym of your own, I can train you at a gym in Downtown, Miami.


The better someone nourishes there body with really good foods, the less they will need supplements. And it is important to understand that the supplement industry is not really regulated. There’s a lot of over-priced supplements out there with too much junk in them. However there are a few I would highly recommend like Fish Oil, I like this brand a lot. I’ve been taking it for years now. Fish Oil contains Omega 3s, it improves brain function, it supports your immune system and it has anti-inflammatory properties. It contains DHA and EPA, which are essential to fighting and preventing both physical and mental disease.

Of course, consult a doctor to see if it’s ok for you to take some regularly.


The subjective assessment sheet asks for personal information about your daily life, hobbies, goals, daily dress attire, etc. Please answer each question in detail and give me as much information as you can. The more information you can give me, the better!

I will then reply to your e-mail within 24 hours

I will then like to meet you in person to go over the following:

  1. Goals.
  2. Review answered forms together.
  3. Review nutrition and lifestyle behaviors.
  4. Assessment.
  5. Set up appointment dates a month in advance if possible.
  6. Explain homework assignment.
  7. Discuss monthly reassessment.
  8. Explain program towards goal and your purpose.